Teaching Machines (Ward Cunningham)

Index of articles written and edited for the Teaching Machine Happening, March 2015. Includes both ones where I was the initial author and ones to which I've contributed.


Morse Code Teaching Machine for adaptive practice.

CRC Cards to feel the objects working.

The IITRAN Language made for students.

Simple Rules lead to complex behavior.

EIES is the Electronic Information Exchange System.

Robert Wright Explains Tim for time magazine.

High-Enrollment Courses as target for automation.

Dexter Model narrows the definition of hypertext.

Can Hypertext be Moral and which morality will it be?


Educational Psychology from its roots.

Freedom to be Curious separates art and design.

How to Learn Morse based on insights acquired here.

Conduit Metaphor as it relates to thinking and learning.

BBC Micro Bit intended to inspire a nation, again.

Donald Bitzer inventor of PLATO technology.

Programming Paradigms with educational examples.

Smalltalk design principles from Byte magazine.

Hello Echo what do I need to know today?

Let's Talky with WebRTC and &yet.

Dragon Box app teaches symbolic manipulations.

SunTracker solar progression model/instrument.

Norvig on Data and how lots helps.

One Hour Wikipedia read for a purpose.

Norvig on Chomsky bickering as paradigms shift.

Social Shaping of Technology, a survey.

Research Writing with data as evidence.