The IITRAN Language

The IITRAN language, developed to be used by students, and its important features are described. IITRAN is a procedure-oriented language with a one-level block structure and a variety of data types. Several novel and powerful features are included. A discussion of design principles to be followed in a student language is given.


Robert B. K. Dewar, Ronald R. Hochsprung, and William S. Worley described these important features in their 1969 paper abstracted above. Who knows what they were thinking. I'm no longer an ACM member and damn if I going to pay to do any of them a favor.

I do recall the IITRAN terminal installed in my high school. Learning to work it changed my life. I recall this as a bolt of lightning. See Compiler Compiler, Highland High School


I was a member through the good years of the ACM when they actually published code in their journal. I remember understanding the buddy allocation system reading their beautifully formatted code. But then it all changed. They wanted to be more like the IEEE and turn their Communications into a rag like Spectrum. They did it but didn't have anything interesting to say.

When the dot com bust came I dropped ACM in favor of AAAS which did have interesting things to say and still does. I heard that ACM HQ was distressed thinking that they'd have to move out of their NYC headquarters due to falling membership.


Tonight I feel like reading about IITRAN but this will pass.