BBC Micro Bit

BBC launches flagship UK-wide initiative to inspire a new generation with digital technology. post

Prototype Micro Bit is a wearable computer that will work with other education oriented devices like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Still in development and nicknamed the Micro Bit,* it aims to give children an exciting and engaging introduction to coding, help them realise their early potential and, ultimately, put a new generation back in control of technology. It will be distributed nationwide from autumn 2015.

BBC and its partners recognised that a hands-on learning experience could help children grasp the new Computing curriculum in ways that other software and traditional classroom learning couldn’t. In particular, the Micro Bit can help learners develop an intuitive understanding of physical concepts in technology and computing, which helps develop complex thinking, analytical and problem-solving strategies.

Early feedback from teachers has shown that it encourages independent learning, gives pupils a strong sense of achievement, and can inspire those who are not usually interested in computers to be creative with it.


We corresponded briefly with the group developing this device thinking that federated wiki could play a foundational role. This might still be true, but the emphasis on wearable seemed to set it at a tangent to or maybe even at odds with wiki.