Research Writing

Research writing is writing that uses evidence (from journals, books, magazines, the Internet, experts, etc.) to persuade or inform an audience about a particular point.

So, what is "research writing"? From English Composition 2 by Diane Houston. EvCC

Research writing exists in a variety of different forms. For example, academics, journalists, or other researchers write articles for journals or magazines; academics, professional writers and almost anyone create web pages that both use research to make some sort of point and that show readers how to find more research on a particular topic. All of these types of writing projects can be done by a single writer who seeks advice from others, or by a number of writers who collaborate on the project.


We've explored wiki as community writing tool that could both aid and then demonstrate learning in an educational environment. Alyson has shown how this wiki could be integrated into a research writing module. page

I was surprised the module suggested such a labor intensive approach to writing. This must date back to a time when printing was slow and expensive. Now is it even necessary?

I was surprised the module failed to mention measurement or calculation as a form of evidence. The process by which computers have turned from number crunchers to star-trek communicators must be of interest?

This wiki was founded with the promise to do for numbers what the original wiki did for words: it would give them depth and meaning that ordinary people could depend on every day.

A number should not stray far from the measurement that produces it. When measurement protocols are complex then one must appreciate the need or be suitably suspicious.

A calculation should not stray far from the data that goes into it. When calculation methods are complex then one must appreciate the need or be suitably suspicious.

We allow that there will be skills specialization in the production of primary research. But when a general education is insufficient to appreciate the specializations then we have lost touch with numbers.

YOUTUBE d6pX0S34CZk Michael Mehaffy and Ward Cunningham. Published on Dec 26, 2013 Learn about a new generation of Wiki that can handle data on the web, and that can be copied and shared more easily than older Wikis. We discuss a new urban modeling system that puts this new Wiki to use!

See also Klein's List for research publication opportunities, mostly missed. Wiki has the operational goal of simplifying accurate publication of partial results, and, the political/economic goal of making it expected.