High-Enrollment Courses

More students means larger market and more opportunity for specialization, especially in technologically advanced delivery mechanisms. But is this true?

Lumen Learning promises "to help transition high-enrollment courses to open content". That qualification, high-enrollment, caught my eye. website

Where I went to school high-enrollment meant Calculus, 7:30 am, Tue, Thr & Sat, 600 seat auditorium, wax pencil on overhead. Khan took me back with Laplace Transform.

As my education progressed the classes got smaller and the textbooks were more frequently titled Introduction to Gobbledygook if there was any textbook at all. My most memorable class was taught from the professor's notes involving unfinished proofs with six of us in attendance.

We must be sure that the business appeal of large markets does not asphyxiate development of technology for dissemination of the unfinished.