Ward Cunningham

I'm pleased to participate in federated wiki happenings. I sometimes write a bit defensively about the wiki technology. I also have broad interests and will try to contribute here on subjects of interest to this community.

I started journaling in the fall of 2014 at Mike Caulfield's suggestion. I called this 'foraging' but now like that name less. I kept a day by day journal through December after which I returned to the two indexing threads I'd maintained before. conversations

There will be lots of stuff online that I won't want to forget. I'll put links here until I learn where they really go.

Mike announces, Happening #2: Teaching Machines Initial email. Orientation starts soon. Happening in March. post

Mike publishes the Fedwiki Happening Daily. archive

We have a Google Group as a backchannel. group

From the roster we generate an inclusive version of Recent Changes called a Conversation Clubs. webpage