Things You Must Do

You can wander all day in the federation, and it's easy to get sidetracked. Here we link you directly to the things you must be do/be able to do before the March Happening, in a nice linear style. You can still wander if you want, but if you want to do the minimum, go through this list, skip the byways, and you will be set.

ANNOUNCEMENT (2/18): The Teaching Machines Sites page is up. Fork to your site and link from somewhere to make it work.

Get ready

Theory Intermission #1

Read what federated wiki is In a Nutshell.

Make Pages

Theory Intermission #2

Review some key Ideas of Federated Wiki.

Navigate and Inspect

Get Connected


If you want to check your understanding, review the Names of Things we use in Federated Wiki.

Complete Sample Assignment

We've created a sample Happening Assignment for you to try.

First, read how assignments work in this Happening. See Assignments

Next, complete the sample assignment. Keep in mind this is not an assignment on the subject of the Happening, but is instead one to try out the format. Still, please put your all into so we can make sure people grasp the format and feel of the event (and so we can spot our own issues before the event launch).

Here is the assignment: Hypertext History

Begin the Begin

And that's the end of the beginning, so to speak. At this point you've used the major functionality you'll use in the Happening, and experimented with the assignment format.

While you wait for the main part of the event to start, you can keep building out the sample assignment, writing up pages on fedwiki, and talking it up in the forum. Or you can take a break and come back later.

Just make sure you keep an eye out for the start date, and come on back. Now that you know how to use federated wiki, you're invaluable to us!