Recent Thoughts

I write in many focused wiki now but will often default to when some thought does not yet have a home. Let's try to change that.

Born Related? maybe not.

Pain Killer Cheat Sheet for generic and trade names.

Own a Space on rented infrastructure.

Internet of Broken Things where I am a pioneer.

Wiki Truth could be better than reality.

Fork is the New Like or at least something similar.

New Wiki Now and into the future.


Pandemic Optional so why choose yes?

Motor Makes Easy Ride Harder by reverse psychology.

Virtual Microscopy turns out slow and expensive.

First Years of First Wiki not quite overnight.

Be Valuable as parting advice to peers.

On Numbers and their representation.

Ride Planning with maps and apps.

Web Page Import inspiration from recipe program.


Feeling the Activity as my site becomes popular.

Obligation to Fork when a link completes a thought.

Wiki at a Distance that we must understand.

A Bug in Three Acts with a moral open to interpretation.

Who's Who in Nameless and do we trust them?

Bad Markup that will take some work to fix.

HTML Fold below which there could be markup.

Smaug on Colbert where one imitation meets another.

Refactor History of a page.

Broadcast Workflow from our authorities.

Ada's Program wouldn't fit in an hour of code.

Complement Abuse endorsing the agile manifesto.

Test Signal for understanding systems.

Own a Space on servers your rent.

Family of Flags and their generation.

Reported Errors saved in the journal.

Write Like a Poet or maybe a twit.

Custom Markup for Working & Writing

Agile v. Wiki v. Open from Keynote, 2009


Save Your Wiki before it is gone.

Categorized Glossary for words we use here.

Go Ducks fast football

March of Ideas mediated by decisions in code

Compiler Compiler compiled with a compiler.

Login to Local Edit because people think you should.

Drag Consequences of move, copy and reference.

Collaboration vs. Cooperation in this and other wiki

Fourth Time Insight for agile and maybe wiki too

Carterfone in my basement


Migrating Wiki forced by abuse from german wikipedian.

Progress of a Platform with lasting content evolving.